Hands-On Facilities

Disaster Theater

Video footage brings to life the story of major earthquakes that have assailed Yokohama in the past and are likely to again in the future. The movies’ use of realistic actors and actual views of the current city makes the damage caused by earthquakes very easy to understand.

Earthquake Simulator

Experience an earthquake firsthand! This simulator lets you feel a wide range of earthquake situations, including intensities from 3 to 7, past earthquakes like the Great East Japan Earthquake and Great Hanshin Earthquake, shaking in detached houses and high-rise buildings and more. Wheelchairs allowed.

Fire Simulator

Learn how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher and how to evacuate when there’s smoke. The smoke used is harmless to the body and the evacuation can be observed from outside the room as well.

Disaster Mitigation Training Room

First you will enter a room made to look like a normal home. You won’t know what’s going to happen, but sounds and images will simulate a fire, earthquake or other disaster. How will you respond? By acting out a disaster from beginning to evacuation, you can learn how best to protect yourself.

Yokohama Hazard Map/Geo Map

What would happen to your neighborhood in a disaster? Look at regional characteristics, damage estimations for flooding and landslides based on earthquake intensity and tsunamis, maps using projection mapping and maps provided by the City of Yokohama.

Disaster Prevention Library

Learn about the city’s latest disaster prevention/mitigation measures, tips for how to prepare for a disaster and the whole process from preparation to recovery. There are also areas to experience dialing 119 and take disaster prevention quizzes.