About us

The Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center is a center established in 1983 whose main objectives are responding to city disasters in the Yokohama Station area, improving citizens’ disaster risk reduction knowledge and storing emergency supplies and materials. In normal times it operates as a core facility for preparedness promotion, raising awareness about how to help oneself and how to help each other and offering training for people able to carry this out.

Fundamental Roles of the Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center

As a place for disaster prevention/mitigation education for citizens, etc.

In fiscal 2015 the center’s capabilities were enhanced in order to help achieve the disaster mitigation targets in the Earthquake Disaster Prevention Strategy by embodying the principles of the Yokohama Citizen Charter for Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Yokohama Ordinances Regarding Helping Oneself and Others During Disaster and carry out the following citizen awareness-raising activities to make Yokohama strong against disasters.

  • Training to protect oneself and understand the characteristics of Yokohama disasters
  • Training required by different generations and entities to help oneself and others
  • Acquisition of the latest information, etc. regarding disaster prevention/mitigation
  • Training in more specialized expertise, technology, etc.

As a first-aid base during earthquakes

During large-scale disasters, the center forms a temporary evacuation site with the adjacent Sawatari Central Park and is a first-aid base for victims. It has also been designated one of the temporary shelters near the west exit of Yokohama Station for people unable to return home and is able to accommodate those stranded near the station. Water, blankets, etc. are stored at the center to be distributed in such times.

As the base of activities of the Yokohama City Fire Band

As the base of the activities of the Yokohama City Fire Band, the center raises awareness regarding disaster prevention through events such as the Disaster Prevention Awareness Concert, ensemble concerts and more.

As a base for the Special Advanced Rescue Team

A Special Advanced Rescue Team that uses positive pressure special response vehicles as its main vehicles is stationed at the center to respond to nuclear, biological and chemical disasters in the Yokohama Station area and across the city.